Top four reasons why IT should be the degree of choice for millennials

Top four reasons why IT should be the degree of choice for millennials

With the deadline for university applications approaching in the New Year, and many prospective students deciding on what career path to take after university, we take a look at some of the top reasons why those applying for university should consider opting for an IT-related degree.

  1. Job prospects  – In the working world of today, businesses rely on IT in some shape or form to ensure their operations run smoothly – whether it’s storing and transferring data on a cloud system or using technology to communicate effectively with their customers. Therefore, with an IT-related degree, the chances of employment after university are particularly high; in fact Prospects, a popular online information source for UK students, states 75 per cent of IT graduates secure employment within six months of graduating.
  2. Technology is always changing – There is no questioning that we are living in the digital age. And with new technology and software emerging on a daily basis, as well as constant innovations developing across the sector, it is fair to say that you will never be stuck doing the same nine to five tasks in an IT role. The sector is diverse and ever changing, something that other industries cannot lay claim to.
  3. New cyber threats mean new opportunities – Gone are the days where hacking mostly involved passwords and bank details. With the rise of tablets, smart phones and other portable technologies, and cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated in their ways, nothing is safe – we only need to look back at the celebrity image hacking scandal of 2014 to remind us of this. According to a UK Government survey, released in April 2017, nearly half of all UK businesses reported a cyber-attack in the year prior, proving that the need for organisations to employ full-time staff or IT consultants with the skills to identify and stop cyber-attacks in their tracks is becoming a business necessity.
  4. Salary – While it’s common for graduate roles to start at the lower end of the pay scale, IT graduates can expect what is considered a decent pay package in their first role after university. According to Prospects, an IT consultant graduate, with work experience behind them, can expect to earn anything from £20,000 to £30,000.

Here are just a few job options an IT-related degree can offer:

·         SEO specialist ·         Games developer
·         Network engineer ·         Software tester
·         Information systems manager ·         IT consultant
·         Web developer/designer ·         Systems analyst
·         Systems developer ·         Information security specialist
·         Application analyst ·         Security intelligence analyst

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