Stay connected on the go…

Stay connected on the go…

C-Assure Endpoint Management forms the basis of our CSF, and it enables us to provide the most innovative remote management tools available to the IT industry, superior to the traditional remote management functionality of the past. We’re committed to offering some of the most advanced products in the industry, therefore we are proud to announce the launch of C-Assure Mobile Device Management.

In today’s world, everyone is on the go and having the complete flexibility to access business data on Smartphones and Tablets is critical. Nonetheless, we’re sure that you all appreciate that there needs to be a focus on ensuring your company security is not compromised for the sake of efficiency. You require mobility whilst being safe in the knowledge that corporate data is secure.

C-Assure Mobile Device Management offers just that, by facilitating control and secure access to mobile devices whilst encouraging productivity through the ability to work anytime and anyplace by providing a conduit for virtual private network (VPN) connections and Remote Desktop Services.

Automated Device Registration and Controlled Device Updates removes the responsibility of manually setting up each device and ensures updates are controlled and audited, extending security procedures that are in place at your organisation to protect mobile devices on your network.

Business Continuity measures are supported by removing mobiles devices from being a single point of failure for information loss.

C-assure Mobile Device Management helps you to maximize productivity and be ultra-efficient in today’s digital world.

If you would like more information, please get in touch with your Account Manager.