IT Security Solutions

IT Security Solutions

Technology has changed the way we do business, allowing faster innovation and growth, along with the ability to branch into new markets and compete globally. In turn, this changes how businesses work and increases the threats businesses face. Company data is probably more important than any physical assets, so the need to safeguard information from tomorrow’s threats and provide secure access where and when you need it, is not desirable it’s essential.

At Certus, a SysGroup Company, we offer a range of IT Security Solutions designed to protect your business from all the threats that you may encounter while visiting websites, downloading files or running programs.

These products are tailored to suit individual business needs and include solutions from the market leaders in IT security software, such as:

  • CAM – Certus Antimalware
  • Websense Anti-Spam
  • Websense Web Content Security
  • Globalsign SSL
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • CES – Certus Endpoint Security

Key Benefits

An effective suite of Internet security solutions should offer the following:

  • Instantly detect, identify and block new and emerging threats before they impact your business
  • Protect without affecting your performance or speed
  • Reduce operational costs and improve network bandwidth
  • Keep networks and confidential information secure and available
  • Scan Internet email and other outbound Web traffic to prevent loss of confidential data
  • Protect users against Web 2.0 Internet page and application threats
  • Reduce legal exposure by blocking access to restricted sites
  • Allow easy deployment
  • Provide increased user and IT staff productivity