Fluid Data Storage from Dell EMC SC Series

Fluid Data Storage from Dell EMC SC Series

Help ensure business continuity through a resilient, highly available solution that’s backed by industry-leading support. Dell EMC SC Series allows you to focus on your business needs without worrying about the reliability of your storage.


  • Rely on a field-tested design that delivers 99.999 per cent availability across 26M+ hours of uptime.
  • Provide local and remote data protection with a comprehensive suite of fully integrated features.
  • Install robust and reliable hardware that leverages 12 generations of Dell EMC design experience.
  • Take advantage of industry-leading approach to Dell EMC Copilot support that has delivered a 96.77 per cent customer satisfaction rating.


Scale with a flexible, next-generation architecture that readily adapts, without artificial restrictions or complexities, to business growth and evolving technologies.

  • Accommodate unforeseeable growth and technology advances with flexible memory and connectivity options, as well as performance and capacity scaling.
  • Pay only once for features, even across hardware upgrades, with perpetual software licensing.
  • Rely on the Data Progression feature to continually optimize performance and data placement as the system grows.
  • Enable highly scalable block and file storage capacity with Dell EMC SC Series’ 64-bit architecture.
  • Increase flexibility in virtual environments and adapt to evolving technology and business growth with new vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) primitives.
  • Easily expand up and out across block and file without disruption and without forklift upgrades.


Deploy a single platform for block and file with built-in efficiency and intelligence to optimize your IT budget and help control back-end storage costs.

  • Avoid the complexity and overhead of separate solutions for file and block.
  • Optimize cost and data placement for both block and file environments with industry-leading automated tiering technology.
  • Minimize time spent managing storage with intuitive and automated tools, and reporting.
  • Operate at higher temperatures or even chiller-free environments with Fresh Air-certified technology.
  • Help increase energy efficiency with 80 Plus® Platinum and Silver-certified power supplies.

Rely on Dell EMC SC Series’ long-term record of driving down TCO with reliable and economic block and file storage. Up to 95 per cent of all Dell EMC SC Series systems ever sold are still in active use.