Dell EMC EqualLogic

Dell EMC EqualLogic

Dell EMC EqualLogic™ is fundamentally changing the way enterprises think about purchasing and managing storage.

Built on breakthrough virtualized peer storage architecture, the EqualLogic PS Series simplifies the deployment and administration of consolidated storage environments.


Its’ intelligent software delivers rapid SAN deployment, easy storage management and comprehensive data protection. The system’s dynamic virtualization enables enterprise-class performance and reliability and seamless pay-as-you-grow expansion. The key benefits include:

Ease of Use

  • Intelligent, automated management helps minimize tedious administrative tasks
  • From box to operating SAN in minutes

Enterprise Performance

  • Exceptional performance for both sequential and transactional applications with linear scalability as arrays are added
  • Automated, real-time load balancing across drives, RAID sets, connections, cache and controllers for optimized performance and resource utilization
  • Pooling capability enables appropriate service levels for individual applications


  • Fault tolerant, fully redundant dual controller design for no single point of failure
  • Designed for 99.999% availability
  • Enterprise-class RAID protection
  • Hot swappable components


  • Modular design allows growth when needed
  • Online expansion without affecting data availability
  • Linear scalability — scale capacity and performance together


  • All-inclusive enterprise features and functionality with no additional software licenses to purchase
  • Easy connection via iSCSI
  • Automated features help to eliminate highly specialized administrative costs