Advanced Storage

Advanced Storage

Enterprise data volumes continue to grow exponentially while IT budgets are shrinking. Certus, a SysGroup Company, helps customers to tackle these challenges by standardising IT infrastructures, simplifying operations and automating processes and providing data storage solutions that work.

Drive innovation in your business whilst reducing complexity and cost with a Dell EMC SC Series Storage system

Unlike network storage systems that require organisations to rip and replace hardware as business needs change, Dell SC Series enterprise storage uses standards-based hardware and supports new technologies on a single, modular platform. Compellent’s automated intelligence manages a virtualised, scalable pool of disks for block and file to maximise performance and help lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Improve efficiency with Certus data storage services

Fully redundant hardware components and advanced failover features ensure no single point of failure for high availability. Users can scale up and out on demand, changing network hardware configurations as needed to take advantage of emerging technologies and accommodate constant change.
With this advanced storage software, Dell EMC SC Series helps you efficiently meet both performance and capacity requirements through automated intelligent data placement, keeping hot data on high-performance drives and cold data on large-capacity optimised drives. Dell EMC SC Series can also cut administrative time and help eliminate the need for specialised administrative skills.

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