Modern Infrastructure & Hosting

Modern Infrastructure & Hosting

It infrastructure services and managed hosting

In today’s digital world every minute counts. Speed is vital and users demand mobility.

Everyone carries the latest smartphone and tablet, all populated with the today’s ‘app of the moment’. Everyone expects to be always switched on and connected. Accessing critical data wherever you are in the world, using applications and collaborating with colleagues on the move is no longer desirable, but a necessity.

The digital age therefore requires an agile, reliable infrastructure, a business data storage solution that enables you to operate across a range of technologies.

Bespoke it infrastructure services and managed hosting

Using enterprise data storage solutions from Dell EMC, coupled with switches and firewalls from SonicWALL and Cisco, and virtualisation software from VMware and Microsoft, our IT Infrastructure knowledge is vast.

With IT technology moving at a rapid pace and when you’re busy running your business, you may not have the time to find out how these changes may affect you – for example, consolidating legacy servers using virtualisation; technology refreshes; implementation of disaster recovery plans and other IT Infrastructure Services.

That’s why many companies rely on Certus TG to advise and guide them through the process of changing their IT Infrastructure. As a consultancy led IT business we are here to assist businesses make the decision on what’s the right IT Infrastructure Services for their business based on current and future IT Solution requirements.

So, whether you are looking for:

  • An on-premise IT solution with new hardware.
  • Enhancements or upgrades of your existing IT Infrastructure.
  • Managed colocation, or hosted IT Infrastructure at the Certus TG data centre in Newport, South Wales.

OR, a mixture of the above IT Solutions or IT Infrastructure Services.

With Certus TG you can rest assured that our flexible, highly responsive and totally professional team have the expertise to advise your business on the best IT Infrastructure Services and other IT solutions.

Cutting Edge IT Infrastructure Technology from the World’s largest vendors

The Certus TG technology stack for building private Cloud infrastructures includes virtualisation technology from VMware or Microsoft, together with Dell EMC Enterprise storage and servers that are highly configurable, secure, virtual machines that provide granular control and allow easy customisation and are all located within our Tier 3+ data centre environment.

Virtualisation and Cloud computing are profoundly changing the way IT infrastructure is built, managed, and consumed by enterprises. Server virtualisation helps organisations to improve their IT resource utilisation, reduce complexity, improve resilience, and lower capital and operational expenditure. Virtualised storage platforms help enhance the benefits of a virtualised computing environment. As organisations migrate more of their infrastructure into virtualised environments, they need Data storage solutions that enable outstanding performance, responsiveness and high-availability. The integration between storage and hypervisor plays a key role in getting the most value out of the virtualisation deployments.

  • Increase operational flexibility and productivity: Quick provisioning of data stores and virtual desktop infrastructure for fast time to productivity.
  • Realise transformative cost savings: Low total cost of ownership (TCO) from standards-based connectivity and virtualised IT infrastructures that enable effective use of budget resources and help decrease capital and operational expenditure.
  • Enable effective business continuity strategies: Advanced data protection and disaster recovery features as a result of tight integration between Dell EMC storage and VMware/ Hyper-V.
  • Achieve optimal performance: Intelligent management of multiple data paths and array offloading of storage related tasks.
  • Build highly resilient virtual infrastructure: Policy-based workload automation to optimise latency, performance and capacity utilisation.

Is your business infrastructure able to cope with the demands of today’s digital world?

Contact Certus TG to arrange a health check of your enterprise storage systems and discover how we can provide intelligent and innovative IT infrastructure solutions for your business. Not just for today, but for tomorrow and in the future.