Websense E-mail Security

Websense E-mail Security

E-mail security is no longer just blocking spam. Advanced e-mail threats combine email and web elements with social engineering to bypass traditional anti-spam techniques. Websense Cloud Email Security combines the best of traditional anti-spam technologies with the real-time threat defenses of Websense Advanced Clssification Engine to provide advanced email security for today and tomorrow.

Why Websense Cloud Email Security?

Cloud Email Security integrates Websense global threat intelligence across email, web, social media, mobile and other internet data to provide unparalleled visibility and protection against today and tomorrow’s email threats

Global Threat Awareness Provising Real-Time Protection:

Uses eight defense assessment areas with over 10,000 analytics to provide real-time security against advanced malware, blended threats, targeted attachs, phishing and spam.

Advanced URL Sandboxing and Phishing Reports:

Websense sandboxing isolates suspicious links embedded in email at the recipients point of click and analyses the corresponding web page in real time. Phishing reports show details on phishing attacks as well as current and repeat targets.

Built-in Enterprise Class Data Loss Prevention:

Integrated market-leading DLP technology makes it easy to prevent data loss and meet regulatory requirements. Built in encryption secures email without sacrificing the ability to inspect encrypted email for malware and content violations.

Email Content Security

  • Cloud-based protection from inbound and outbound email threats
  • Ransomware, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), spoofing, spam and viruses
  • No equipment to install on premises
  • No additional ongoing hardware or software updates, maintenance tasks or expenses