CAM: Certus Anti-Malware

CAM: Certus Anti-Malware

Certus Anti-Malware – utilises a number of new technologies that are designed to quickly detect, destroy, and prevent malware. It monitors every process and stops malicious processes before they even start.

The real-time protection module uses an advanced heuristic scanning technology that monitors your system to keep it safe and secure.

Malware is more than just a security threat. It’s a nuisance. Unwanted software saps systems’ memory and network bandwidth, slowing down the performance of legitimate applications. As a result, organisations can’t get the performance they need out of their desktops, laptops and servers, affecting the availability of business tools and users’ ability to get their job done.

At the same time, performance issues are often misdiagnosed as hardware issues when in fact they are due to malware, leading to premature hardware replacement and siphoning procurement and on-boarding costs away from real business needs. Even if you already have anti-virus solutions, you may still be exposed.

Bloated and complex software inhibits the productivity of IT staff, requiring technicians to react to help desk requests and spend precious time and resources cleaning up infected systems. Even the remedy for malware saps resources. The installation, configuration and on-going maintenance of anti-malware solutions can be complex.

Don’t be content with identification, look for remediation.

Integrated with BitDefender, Certus Anti-malware picks up where your anti-virus solution leaves off by providing you with powerful yet efficient malware protection and system clean-up in a single solution.

Integrated within the Certus IT Automation Framework, the anti-malware module gives administrators a single dashboard in which to prevent malware infections on local and distributed systems while enabling technicians to take action to cleanse systems if they are infected and remediate any performance or availability issues that arise from the infection. The Certus Anti-Malware auditing functionality ensures that every endpoint throughout your IT environment is covered regardless of where, when and how it connects to your corporate network.

Certus Anti-Malware allows administrators to set configuration settings for groups of computers, quickly deploy the anti-malware agent and view easy-to-read, consolidated dashboards for complete visibility into the organisation’s security status.


  • Create and customise endpoint security levels for groups of machines.
  • Schedule regular scans or execute scans on-demand as needs arise.
  • View malware status of all systems – whether they are local or remote – on a single pane of glass with status, install dates, last scan, last update and other criteria.
  • Configured to work Certus Endpoint Security and Certus Antivirus for layered protection.
  • Manage anti-malware licenses across the organisation from a central dashboard.


  • Reduced time to deploy and manage antimalware solution.
  • Combined malware prevention, identification and threat remediation and cleaning.
  • Reduced risk of malware infection without inhibiting productivity.
  • Increased uptime of distributed systems.
  • Decreased complexity of security policy enforcement.
  • Eliminated misdiagnosis of performance issues that lead to premature hardware replacement.
  • Malware and spyware are a serious security threat to any organisation, but it can also cause major performance and productivity issues. Certus Anti-malware provides organisations with a powerful, yet efficient malware protection solution that combines prevention, identification and remediation on a single Web-based dashboard. This complete anti-malware solution reduced the risk of security threats while improving operational and IT productivity.