Web Security

Are you looking for web and email security that can be deployed quickly and without the burdens of on premise hardware?

With the explosion of Internet malware and online crime, online security has become an important factor in business competitiveness. Maintaining smoothly running IT systems requires a high level of online security, which is a challenge for any business.

SECaaS makes good business sense. By leaving security to the professionals enables you to focus time and resources on their commercial priorities.

Gartner is predicting the Cloud-based security services market – which includes email or web gateways is to hit £1.8 billion by 2017

Technological innovation can greatly improve productivity but also brings new risks. Today’s businesses are more connected, networked and mobile than ever before. They use multiple connected devices like laptops, PDA’s and smartphones. Employees share more files and enjoy the benefits of broadband, wireless hotspots and networked apps like instant messaging and VoIP and as a result online threats are constantly evolving. These threats take many forms; appear faster and at worst, the cost of security breaches and downtime caused by malware problems can seriously damage a company’s finances and reputation.

SECaaS from Certus, a SysGroup Company is a cost effective option for your evolving businesses. Certus can manage this element for you, so you can concentrate on the commercial side of your business.

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