DRaaS; Outsource your DR

DRaaS; Outsource your DR

Over the past few years, IT departments have had to live in a culture of cost reduction – it’s just been the way of life. That culture has resulted in ageing equipment, overworked staff and lots of cut corners – a perfect recipe for higher failure rates.

The fact is that hardware failure and human error are still the leading causes of unplanned outages – but devastating storms and other catastrophes are also forcing businesses to get serious about geographic disaster recovery planning. Some estimates put 2011 weather-related disaster costs at almost £54 billion worldwide, up 25% from 2010. And that is just weather and doesn’t include the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

DRaaS – Outsource your DR to the Cloud

Many businesses have already made the transition from on-premise to the Cloud and industry experts predict that in the next two years a further 50% of businesses will look to move their disaster recovery to the Cloud, due to the associated benefits. The associated cost savings are huge, in comparison to putting together a replication site. Upfront cost investments are negated and replaced with monthly bills and higher performance and reliability.

Why provision a business continuity service?

  • Avoid capital costs and technical complexity associated with implementing Disaster Recovery systems.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing the service is managed and tested for production on a regular basis.
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes.