Hosted V On-premise Hosting

Hosted V On-premise Hosting

There have never been more data storage options available to businesses and organisations, but sometimes getting your head around all of the different possibilities can be a bit tricky. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a handy holiday analogy to explore the differences between on premise and hosted data storage.

On premise

Think of on-premise hosting as akin to building and residing in your purpose built garden shed. You are responsible for making sure it’s clean, that all the tools are in the right place, that there is light, electric and heating. If you run out of anything, it’s your fault. If your fuse blows, you’re responsible for getting an electrician in to fix it. Choose your property and service providers carefully.
If you’re dealing with sensitive data and want to retain complete control and ownership of it, you may opt for an on-premise solution managed by Certus TG. To do so, you’d need an IT team – whether internal or outsourced – capable of maintaining and running it.
If something went wrong outside of the team’s control, Certus would help you resolve the issue.

Partner hosted

By comparison, partner hosting could be compared to owning your own holiday home by the sea with a maid service. The maid is responsible for providing fresh linen and a standard breakfast is available on the site to start your day. You choose the type of breakfast you want from their standard menu. If you fancy something from the bar, this will be chargeable. You may decide you want to stay somewhere that also offers dinner, or to move to an inner city location. If that happens, you’re free to check out – but not before you’ve paid the bill.
By hosting your IT infrastructure at our data centre in Newport, South Wales, you’re accessing the highest levels of security, with 24-hour patrols, full CCTV coverage, security fencing, reinforced concrete walls and digital trip wires. We have the room to grow with your business, have robust measures to ward against single communications failures, uninterrupted power supplies and round-the-clock customer service support.

Cloud (online)

Online Cloud services are rather like going to stay at 5* half board hotel by the sea. You can choose to eat or drink at any of the resorts restaurants or bath, paying each bill as you go along or charging it to your room bill.

Cloud storage is ideal if you want to be able to access your information quickly and easily from anywhere. Not only is it cost-effective but our servers can be scaled up or down as needed, giving you maximum flexibility, reliability and speed. You can share documents easily and you can upgrade your data storage as your business grows.

Private cloud

This is a bit like going on a luxury, 5* all-inclusive holiday. Think all you can eat and drink, fantastic service, and a price tag that reflects it. Private cloud hosting offer servers dedicated to your business’ software and needs. You’re guaranteed great service and maximum flexibility.